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Promoting Informed Decisions
in Public Elections

About Us

UDecide2020 is an informal nationwide network of concerned citizens dedicated to empowering voters to make informed decisions, necessary to promoting the "general welfare" as called for in our constitution’s preamble. We believe citizens become more active in our democracy as they are informed about issues important to them. We work to make Udecide helpful to those still making up their minds about their votes as well as those eager to inform friends, family, and the public about candidates’ positions and history.

In addition to factsheets now available here, UDecide2020 provides online tools enabling anyone to create and publish additional UDecide2020 Campaigns, covering other elections. A series of downloadable fact sheets summarizing critical public decisions can contain brief overviews as well as more detailed information on each issue with links to related web sites. Factsheets can concern national, state or local issues needing an informed public decision.

Assertions of fact should be verified. Language should be neutral, not misleading and fair. We reserve the right not to publish any material that in our opinion fails to meet these standards.

In 2004 Udecide succeeded in wide distribution of at least a million flyers, and we were thanked for the service. We hope Udecide2020 can be even more helpful during this critical election year.

  1. Download the fact sheets for an existing UDecide2020 Campaign, print and distribute them to your friends and neighbors as a part of your effort to encurage them to become active.
  2. Forward this site to as many of the contacts on your email list and social media accounts as you can, encouraging them to do as you are doing.
  3. Create your own UDecide2020 Campaign and publish it here where others can download and share it.
  4. Contact us with your comments and suggestions on how we can strengthen this effort and make it more useful to you. Tell us how you are using UDecide2020 and what changes you would like to see. Your criticisms are also helpful.